Our Services

In a market saturated with media and marketing companies, we see ourselves as a boutique marketing firm with a focus on social media and visual branding. If you are seeking a service we don't currently provide, we outsource locally to other trusted marketing professionals that we work with on a regular basis, with the goal to work closely with other female entrepreneurs.

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Social Media Management

Engage & Influence

Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the new marketplace for businesses. Through a combination of strong visuals, branded verbiage, and social media marketing trends, our goal is to grow your audience and engage them in a personal way. Buying followers can make the numbers on your feed look good, but if they're not buying your product, who cares? Authenticity is our foundation when it comes to social media management.


Social Media Consulting

Coaching & Empowerment

Need some assistance and ramping up your own marketing techniques? We offer consulting on an hourly basis to help update your online presence. We can keep you updated on current market trends, teach you valuable time-saving techniques, and hone in on your target audience.

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Direct Email Marketing

Outreach & Involvement

Keep your customers, new and potential, engaged and updated through direct email marketing. Newsletters and email campaigns can increase sales of goods and services along with improving your relationship with your customers.

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Capture & Create

Strong visuals are the backbone of online businesses. Content is important, but humans are highly visual creatures. Without creative, branded photos, many websites and social feeds fall flat. We currently offer styled food and product photography, professional headshots, and lifestyle photography to support your brand. With a focus (pun intended) on pulling your brand and personal essence from a photo. Check out our photo gallery for