About Us

What began as an idea born on a camping trip in the mountains evolved into a journey of storytelling. And much like a trail in the woods, the story of Smoke Signal Media has endured it's own twists and turns, uphill and downhill.

An avid outdoorswoman working as a guide, Rachel began managing social media clients on the side, brushing the dust off a Visual Communications Technologies degree. As her career paths merged, she threw herself into her creative pursuits. After planning a midweek mountain escape from her overflowing inbox, Rachel found herself sitting around a campfire staring at the smoke rising to the sky, realizing something had to change. 

Smoke Signal Media was born...

Today, we are modern storytellers using creative and strategic messaging from coast to coast. Our passion is putting your brand where it needs to be in this digital age - first. From social media management and direct email marketing, to unique headshots and curated product photography, our goal is to tell your unique story and humanizing your brand.



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